3D products & systems

Illustrations sell your products

Selling your systems is so much easier using illustrations. Rather than flat schematics or plan drawings, we can bring your products to life - either online, in print, or on large exhibition panels for trade shows. Don't ask clients to use their imagination - show them how your systems and products can be installed.

We re-draw your existing flat, create 3 dimensional versions then add textures, light and shade. We also make the images specific to your products using your preferred finishes. These images can then be used to create product-specific scenarios, explanatory illustrations and even create step-by-step visual guides.

Animation brings 3D to life

So you've had your flat profiles turned into detailed 3D images - how about showing how they're installed? Taking the textures and finishes of your new 3D illustrations for consistency, we can create installation videos - providing invaluable help for anyone installing your products.

We'll work closely with you ensuring the finished animation is easy to understand - providing your business with another essential sales tool that's available 24 hours a day.


Demonstrate functionality

Another benefit of 3D animation is it's ability to demonstrate how products work. For example, here we have a short video of an in-ground unit from our client Pop Up Power Supplies. The video shows the unit under the surface, how it is raised and how to connect to the power supply - something that a potential customer may find difficult to visualise without the aid of animation.