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UCE, Barnsley

Logo and web site for utilities advisors

UCE offer a unique blend of utility engineering, design and rights & regulation expertise. They identify (and, where possible, mitigate) the risks and costs utilities have on new development projects.

As the company has grown and attracted more prestigious clients, they felt that their existing branding, web site and literature didn't properly reflect the quality and expertise of the business. We were tasked with creating a more contemporary, professional logo that could be rolled out across a new web site and subsequent literature.

The resulting design reflects the multilayered skill set of UCE combined with a more high-tech feel - this is carried through the stationery, web site and report covers.

UCE Business Cards FrankCreative
UCE Case Study FrankCreative
UCE Web Site FrankCreative
UCE Responsive Site FrankCreative

Business cards with a generic fronts and a different coloured reverse.

Web site

Case study booklet design