3D Illustrations

Make your products

pack a 3D punch!

Need to update your old product illustrations? Or have your customers understand how your systems work at-a-glance?

We can re-draw your flat profiles in our software, extrude the profiles then add textures, light and shade.

We also make the images specific to your products using your preferred finishes.

We can also create product-specific scenarios, explanatory illustrations and even create step-by-step visual visual guides.

"FrankCreative have re-designed all of our company artwork and transformed our very dated 2D system diagrams into very realistic 3D illustrations.

They look fantastic - I am constantly hearing good remarks about the drawings and they have instantly made my company look far more professional.

I have also worked with Ian to create installation videos for my products with the use of 3D imagery. These look incredible and really focus on getting the right message across to my clients. I could not recommend FrankCreative enough and will continue to work with them for a very long time."

Rob Crampton

Managing Director of Hush Acoustics.

Re-drawn profile

We take your existing flat profile and re-draw it.


Below are a variety of 3D illustrations created for a range of different clients. From extruded profiles to explanatory scenarios that visually describe a problem and how it can be solved. Click on the illustration type to view:

Insulation systems Created for Sound Reduction Systems, HUSH Acoustics and iKoustic


Utility Suppliers Created for Pop Up Power Supplies


Architectural Created for Rundum Meir Garage Systems


Imagined Scenarios Created for Dural Flooring and iKoustic

Explanatory Illustrations Created for HUSH Acoustics


How do we do it?

Extruded profile

We then extrude the re-drawn profile, specifying angles and perspectives.

Rendered 3D version

Finally we add textures - these can be specified by you using real life finishes - shading and lighting.